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Policy on Comments

Policy on Comments

Members of the Carleton community are now able to post comments on all stories published on the Carletonian website after the date of January 24th, 2008.

The Carletonian staff may delete comments from the website at their discretion. A comment will likely be deleted if it:

1) Does not include the correct, full name of the person posting the comment.

Depending on the content of the comment, the moderator may accept comments under the name "anonymous".

2) Uses offensive language or is deemed by the moderator to be offensive.

3) Singles out or targets in an offensive manner the poster of another comment.

While we encourage people to respond to previous comments, responses should still be related to the article itself rather than solely a prior comment.

4) Personally attacks any member of the Carleton community.

Any questions regarding the posting of comments, or other issues related to the website, should be directed to

We thank you for you cooperation and look forward to reading your comments.