A Carl’s Guide to the Twin Cities

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  • Mall of America
    44.85489529604183, -93.24234008789062
  • Minnesota State Fair
    1265 Snelling Ave N
    Saint Paul, MN 55108
    44.98204229951465, -93.17333221435547
  • First Avenue

    The epicenter of live music and entertainment in Minneapolis, with two separate performance spaces in one building: The Mainroom, a 1550-person capacity music venue, and The 7th St Entry, a 250-capacity venue. 

    First Avenue website.

    44.978278126139514, -93.27615737915039
  • Turf Club

    This no-frills bar & lounge has been hosting live nightly rock performances since the '40s.

    Turf Club website

    44.9560052, -93.1679649
  • Cedar Cultural Center

    An all-ages venue known for presenting a wide variety of global roots, folk, indie, experimental, bluegrass, Americana and blues artists.

    The Cedar website

    44.96942830977235, -93.24766159057617
  • Guthrie Theater

    The Guthrie is the premier classical repertory theater of the Twin Cities. Founded in 1963, it helped launch the American regional theater movement. The center's striking architecture and views of both the city and the Mississippi River are worth a visit.

    Guthrie website

    44.97815669707747, -93.2559871673584
  • Jungle Theater

    The Jungle is a 150-seat performing arts venue for theatrical & musical productions located in the vibrant LynLake neighborhood.

    Jungle website

    44.94884303167197, -93.28775525093079
  • Chino Latino

    Sleek Uptown Minneapolis space with a global menu, highlighting spicy street eats from tropical regions.

    44.948641811431536, -93.29843044281006
  • Dakota Jazz Club


    We saw the Huntertones here and it was amazing! There's a great atmosphere and you can sit very close to the stage. The restaurant is pricey so it's best to eat before and just order a drink. Most tickets $25-$35.

    Dakota website

    44.973663641003014, -93.27530980110168
  • A Slice of New York


    We aren't from NYC so we can't comment on this little restaurant's authenticity, but we had some darn good pizza and calzones here!

    Slice of New York website

    44.95894869550786, -93.27762722969055
  • Foshay Tower


    The oldest skyscraper in Minneapolis -- $10 gets you a ticket to a tiny museum and an observation deck with an 360-degree view of downtown. Pro tip: there's an indoor courtyard at the base of the tower with comfy chairs and free board games.

    44.97446622391634, -93.27152192919652
  • Bryant Lake Bowl


    An awesome old bowling alley/restaurant. Perfect for late-night fun and snacks! Bowling $5/game ($2 Sunday evenings).

    Bryant Lake Bowl website

    44.948508929753956, -93.29014241695404
  • Tilia


    Delicious food and a cozy atmosphere, this would be good for date night (; It's a bit pricy (entrees $15-$25) so we split some tasty appetizers and salads.

    Tilia website


    44.92464218956504, -93.31413745880127
  • Linden Hills

    This quite, well-off neighborhood is like a combination of Northfield and Minneapolis -- we walked around and checked out the little shops (go through the little purple door at the Wild Rumpus book store).

    44.92457002368018, -93.31372439861298
  • Lake Harriet Bandshell


    Free concerts when the weather in nice! Plus, there's a bird sanctuary (:

    Lake Harriet Bandshell website

    44.92816681296335, -93.30774307250977
  • Lake Bde Maka Ska


    A bigger lake with several grassy parks and a couple beaches.

    44.94029403723133, -93.31144407922682
  • Lake of the Isles


    Go mansion shopping! Bike/walk around the lake and check out some really really nice houses.

    44.95167902304322, -93.30774307250977
  • Eat Street Social


    A fun brunch place with classic American food and outdoor seating. Around $15

    Eat Street Social website

    44.955672711677494, -93.2784104347229
  • Gay 90's


    A fun club for dancing that has 18+ nights

    44.980403093098516, -93.27186584472656
  • Quang's


    Truly amazing Vietnamese food -- Chris is in love. Around $10.

    Quang's website

    44.95309127169915, -93.2777452468872
  • Milk Jam


    Their donut ice cream sandwich is something you should try at least once in your lifetime. Also they have vegan ice cream. Around $5

    Milk Jam website

    44.95239274444937, -93.28780889511108
  • Christo's Greek


    A great place for sharing delicious Greek food with friends! $10-$15 per shared plate, more for some entrees.

    Christo's website

    44.95433645136219, -93.27816367149353
  • Izzy's Ice Cream


    A quite popular ice cream spot, and for good reason! Take your ice cream to the top of the hill in the park next door for a great view. Our fav flavor: graham cracker. $5-$10.

    Izzy's website

    44.97654014819066, -93.2518458366394
  • Hazel's Northeast


    A delicious delicious delicious brunch place! Our favorites: falafel and curry chicken sandwich. Entrees $10-$15.

    Hazel's Northeast website

    45.020337814368546, -93.23688983917236
  • Stone Bridge


    The most beautiful bridge in the city, connecting NE Minneapolis to the Gurthrie Theater area. Perfect for a stroll or bike ride when the weather is nice.

    44.980828077039924, -93.25349807739258
  • Brave New Workshop Comedy


    The Twin Cities’ oldest comedy club, and still one of the best. Student tickets are only $10! We went to a skit comedy show and it was fantastic!

    Brave New Workshop website

    44.976820960422884, -93.27672600746155
  • Northrup King Building


    Every first Thursday the artists in this building open up their studios to the public. It's a nice place to wander around and check out some great artwork (and do Christmas shopping (: )

    Northrup King Building website

    45.00326806515269, -93.25015604496002
  • Chimborazo


    A wonderful Ecuadorian restaurant (Erik's favorite place in the cities). Come here for llapingachos (soft potato pancakes filled with cheese), empanadas, yuca fries, and sopa de bolas de verde (a savory soup with plantain balls filled with meat and vegetables). Entrees $10-13. 

    45.020261976924715, -93.2471251487732
  • Mojo Coffee Gallery
    45.01034157341625, -93.2684326171875
  • Dinkytown Bike Bridge


    The Stone Arch Bridge gets all the credit, but this bridge is also a beautiful place to watch the sunset and a nice way to get from Dinkytown to the Guthrie/waterfront/downtown area.

    44.97793775135893, -93.24078516201928
  • East River Flats Park and Bikepath


    A grassy riverside park with picnic tables. We biked here on the bike trail --- it's beautiful, but be prepared to bike up a really big hill to get back to Dinkytown.

    44.97035434080743, -93.23508739471436
  • Annie's Parlour


    A Dinkytown classic, Annie's has huge milkshakes and delicious fries and onion rings. We also loved sitting outside on their second-floor patio. 

    44.97999328417162, -93.23656797409058
  • Little India Global Market


    Imagine Econo Foods but packed with an exciting variety of international flavors. Our favorites are roasted coconut water and chili dried mango.

    45.00717851468429, -93.24692130088806
  • Hennepin County Library


    We spent a lovely rainy morning here. The walls are all glass, providing for some great people watching and views of the city. Erik docked this site a bike because he had some trouble finding an unoccupied bathroom. 

    44.980281668536655, -93.27006340026855
  • Bachelor Farmer Cafe

    1 bike.

    If you want to feel really hipster and spend a little more money for fancy coffee and pastries this is the place for you. Pro tip: they hide the lunch menus in a small basket by the register. 

    44.98571516595048, -93.268883228302
  • Can Can Wonderland

    An old warehouse converted into a weird world of fun. You'll find an arcade, fun eats and treats, live shows, karaoke, and the coolest mini golf course we've ever seen! Chris and Emma also learned how to tap dance here! Mini golf is $14/person.


    44.96408436321282, -93.18313837051392
  • On's Kitchen Thai Cuisine

    Awarded best restaurant in the cities in 2017 and WE AGREE. So many choices, so delicious. Most main plates under $15.

    44.955919460889135, -93.16846132278442
  • Minneapolis Farmers Market


    It says open every day but we went on a Tuesday and there were 3 stalls.. though we still got some tasty fruits and Wisconsin cheese! Go on a weekend and it will be great.

    Farmers Market website

    44.98122270216484, -93.28667163848877
  • Walker Art Center and Sculpture Garden


    The Walker has a pretty big sculpture garden that you can walk around for free! $10 student admission to the museum.

    Walker Art Center website

    44.969564938242314, -93.28980445861816
  • Trapped Puzzle Room


    We did their North Loop puzzle room and it was so fun. They also have rooms in Uptown and St. Paul. Around $25/person.

    Trapped Puzzle Room website

    44.989824056600895, -93.27520598801243
  • IDS Center Crystal Court


    This is a kinda fancy shopping center downtown -- we got Yogurt Lab froyo inside then sat in the fancy "crystal" courtyard and played games.

    44.975788778969104, -93.27210187911987
  • Brasa


    They say "premium rotisserie" and they aren't lying! Ridiculous cornbread, comfy ambiance, and some equally delicious vegetarian options. $10-$15 per plate. 

    Brasa website

    44.989524377991444, -93.25133085250854
  • Glam Doll Donuts


    Possibly the most wonderful human being we met in the cities was the guy working at Glam Doll when we stopped in for some dessert. We can't guarantee he'll be there but you should still go for the donuts!

    Glam Doll Donuts

    44.98973304265237, -93.252854347229
  • J Selby's


    A vegan restaurant with some pretty incredible imitation meat. $10-$15.

    J Selby's website

    44.9465342896275, -93.13652161376694
  • Cathedral of St. Paul


    A giant cathedral with beautiful architecture (and it's free).

    44.946956089634064, -93.10915231704712
  • Minnesota History Center


    Free 3-8pm on Tuesdays. Check out the tornado simulation!

    History Center website

    44.9495529917907, -93.10518264770508
  • Harriet Island Park


    A nice riverside park with a view of downtown St. Paul -- great for a lazy afternoon.

    44.935640729718365, -93.09754371643066
  • Happy Gnome


    Can be a bit pricy but amazing food and generous portions! $10-$25 per plate.

    Happy Gnome website

    44.94635620371801, -93.12102913856506
  • Midtown Global Market

    "!!!!" - Erin Gustafson

    44.94870255723884, -93.26079368591309
  • HeadFlyer Brewing

    "A great place for 21+ individuals to enjoy a beer and play some board games. Plus it’s a dog friendly brewery, so there are always lots of cute dogs to pet!" - Erin Gustafson

    44.99170962839572, -93.24377775192261
  • Minneapolis Bouldering project

    "If you like climbing this is a great place to go. It's new and beautiful with tons of friendly people and really good route setting." - Kevin Christianson

    44.993545781330326, -93.27755212783813
  • Tin Fish + Boat Rentals

    "Small place next to the lake to grab a snack. Fairly popular, but has tons of outside seating. There's a boat rental place right next to it called Wheel Fun Rentals" - Kevin Christianson

    44.94842920059972, -93.30668091773987
  • Hidden Beach (aka Cedar Lake East Beach)

    "A fun beach where people bring their families to swim, play music and hang out in hammocks. Also has a mud pit to play around in!" - Kevin Christianson

    44.96109335765892, -93.31808567047119
  • Ice Skating

    " In the winter, the City of Minneapolis installs a warming house on Isles and creates a skating rink on the lake. It's free for anyone to use and has free skates too." -Kevin Christianson

    44.955113212338276, -93.30692215058053
  • Birchbark Books

    "Just a block away from Lake of the Isles is this small, quaint bookstore with a homey vibe." - Kevin Christianson

    44.96161907234138, -93.30799520015717
  • Bunker's Music Bar & Grill

    "A little hole in the wall, but their weekly shows are a must see for an authentic Minneapolis experience (especially Dr. Mambo's Combo)" - Kyle Berglund

    44.98860624445864, -93.27871084213257
  • Fasika

    "an Ethiopian restaurant that is well priced and more than delicious." -Nicole Binder

    44.95646230542005, -93.16680908203125
  • Keg & Case

    "In the Historic Schmidt Brewery and has a bunch of vendors β€” think the midtown global market but v Minnesota/local-centric and geared towards hipsters." - Grace Pearson. kegandcase.com

    44.9288200599229, -93.1237542629242