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Carleton Arts & Technology (CArtT)

Carleton Arts and Technology (CArtT) is a curricular initiative at Carleton to foster integration of arts and technology on campus. The initiative encourages faculty from art and art history, cinema and media students, dance, theater, and music to develop curricular initiatives that involve the use of technology, but we also invite faculty from other areas, such as computer science, who are interested in developing curricular interaction with the arts.  

CArtT was created through a grant from the Sherman-Fairchild Foundation, a private non-profit philanthropic organization based in Chevy Chase, Maryland.

Types of Activities Funded

December Workshop

A two-day, interactive workshop featuring a guest facilitator who focuses on interdisciplinary work in arts and technology.

Faculty Stipends for Curriculum Revision

Faculty may apply for stipends for up to $600 per week for up to six weeks of summer research to develop future arts courses or to incorporate technology in existing courses involving the arts. The range of proposals is open and may include (but is not limited to) stipends for:

  • applying new technologies to new or existing arts courses
  • substantially revising current arts courses
  • developing an entirely new arts course
  • developing linked courses (two arts courses, or an arts and non-arts course) that are part of a course dyad or multi-year sequence
  • working with visiting artists to develop expertise in technologically mediated arts
  • learning new software to support arts curriculum, production, or faculty development
  • purchasing and implementing hardware to support arts curriculum, production, or faculty development

Stipends may also be supplemented by requesting funds for IT support (either by IT staff or student workers) or course consultants, liaisons and/or advisers to provide assistance beyond what the Carleton technology support staff can provide.

Collaborative, Interdisciplinary Projects

Stipends of $1200 for two weeks of support are available for up to three faculty to advise up to three students in a collaborative interdisciplinary project involving visual and/or performing arts and technology. Collaborative activity should occur during the previous summer before the project. In addition to the stipend, faculty may apply for support of materials/technology needed for the project.

CArtT Committee Members

  • Paul Bernhardt, Audio and Visual Technical Director
  • Janet Russell, Academic Technologist
  • Carol Donelan, Associate Professor of Cinema and Media Studies
  • Ross K. Elfline, Assistant Professor of Art History
  • Pierre Hecker, Assistant Professor of English
  • Judith A. Howard, Associate Professor of Dance
  • Stephen Mohring, Associate Professor of Art
  • Steve Richardson, Puzak Family Director of the Arts
  • Ron Rodman, Dye Family Professor of Music
  • Linda K. Rossi, Associate Professor of Art, Chair of Art and Art History
  • Roger Bechtel, Associate Professor of Theater