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Latin American Studies (LTAM)

Director: Associate Professor Jerome M. Levi

Committee Members: Becky J. Boling, Jorge Brioso, José Cerna-Bazán, Jeane Hunter DeLaney, María E. Doleman, Humberto R. Huergo, Silvia L. López, Alfred P. Montero, Beverly Nagel, Diane Pearsall

The Latin American Studies Program provides a framework for studying the diverse societies of Latin America. With its cultural mosaic shaped by the meeting of Native American, European, African, and Asian peoples, and its profound geographic, social, and economic variations, Latin America presents rich opportunities for interdisciplinary and cross-cultural study. By drawing upon the perspectives and methodologies of several disciplines, students are challenged to pursue a deeper understanding of the cultures, institutions, and experiences of Latin Americans. The program provides a forum for examining the intersection of issues of politics, economic development, ethnicity, gender, religion, and cultural expression.

Requirements for a Major:

Students take a minimum of sixty-six credits in approved courses for the major, including five required courses and the integrative exercise (see list below). No more than four courses (twenty-four credits) in any one discipline may apply to the major. A maximum of 27 credits from programs abroad may be counted for elective credits.

Majors must demonstrate competence in Spanish by completing Spanish 205 or by examination.

A sophomore who wishes to major in Latin American Studies should, with the help of a faculty advisor, plan his or her program for the major, and submit it in writing for consideration and approval by the Latin American Studies Committee.

If possible, majors should complete the required courses, except the senior seminar and integrative exercise, by the end of their junior year. During their senior year, majors are required to participate in a designated senior seminar and to complete the integrative exercise.

Majors are encouraged to study on the Carleton Morelia Program in Mexico, the Associated Colleges of the Midwest Programs in Costa Rica, or another of the approved programs in Latin American countries. (The Office of Off-Campus Studies has information on these and other study opportunities.)

Required Courses:

HIST 170: Modern Latin America or

POSC 221: Latin American Politics

ECON 240: Economics of Developing Countries or

SOAN 312: Actors and Issues in Contemporary Third World "Development"

Two upper level (300) Latin American Literature courses

LTAM 395: Senior Seminar

LTAM 400: Integrative Exercise


Five additional courses (30 credits) are required. They may be selected from the following courses or in some cases, courses taken on foreign study programs may apply. No more than two of the electives may be comparative or Latino in focus. These courses are indicated by an asterisk. In the comparative courses, students are required to focus their major term paper or projects on Latin America.

Latin American Studies Courses