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Media Studies Concentration

Director: Professor John F. Schott

A Concentration in Media Studies invites students from all disciplines to explore the important ways modern media­film, photography, video and television and the internet­connect with and affect established disciplines. Students are encouraged to enroll in the concentration early in their academic career; required courses Media Studies 110 and 114 must be completed no later than the end of the junior year.

Requirements for a Production Emphasis:

Required Courses:

MEDA 110: Introduction to Media Studies

MEDA 111: Introduction to Video Production

MEDA 114: Film History and Criticism

MEDA 395: Media Theory and Analysis (Capstone Seminar taken in the Senior Year)

Beyond the four required courses (21 credits), students are expected to take additional courses (24 credits) from an approved list in order to reach the minimum of 45 credits required for the concentration.

Concentrators typically choose an emphasis in either history-theory or production.

Requirements for a History and Theory Emphasis:

In addition to the four courses required of all concentrators, students choosing a history-theory emphasis are encouraged to take at least one course from each of the following areas:

a) American Film

MEDA 135: History of American Film (not offered in 2003­2004)

MEDA 224: Film's Narrative Strategies (not offered in 2003­2004)

MEDA 228: Rethinking the Fifties through Film, Television and Photography

MEDA 229: Outsiders Cinema: Fiction Film (not offered in 2003­2004)

MEDA 234: Film Noir: The Dark Side of the American Dream

MEDA 280: The Cinema of Stanley Kubrick (not offered in 2003­2004)

MEDA 281: The Cinema of Martin Scorsese (not offered in 2003­2004)

MEDA 282: Hitchcock: The Classic Films (not offered in 2003­2004)

b) International Film

MEDA 231: Japanese Cinema

MEDA 233: Italian Neorealism and Its Legacy

MEDA 238: Border Crossings: Postmodern perspectives on French and German Cinema (not offered in 2003­2004)

MEDA 237: Chinese Cinema

MEDA 242: Woman and World Cinema (not offered in 2003­2004)

MEDA 255: Russian Cinema: History and Theory

And one course from either of the following areas:

b) Non-Narrative/Nonfiction or

MEDA 115: Music and the Media (not offered in 2003­2004)

MEDA 222: History of Photography

MEDA 232: Cinema at the Edge: The Idea of Avant-Garde (not offered in 2003­2004)

MEDA 244: Representing Reality: Nonfiction Film and Video

MEDA 362: Narrative Theory (not offered in 2003­2004)

b) Electronic/Digital Media

MEDA 204: Media and Ameican Politics (not offered in 2003­2004)

MEDA 227: Open the Box: Studies in Television

MEDA 260: Cyberculture: Studies in Digital Culture and the Internet (not offered in 2003­2004)

Requirements for a Production Emphasis:

In addition to the four courses required of all concentrators, students choosing a production emphasis are required to take two of the following:

MEDA 122: Video Production for Community Television (not offered in 2003­2004)

MEDA 220: Nonfiction Video Production

MEDA 221: Fiction Video Production

Students may take any additional courses in production (Pre-Production, Photography, or Digital Production) to reach the minimum of 45 credits required for the concentration.

a) Pre-Production

MEDA 112: Screenwriting (not offered in 2003­2004)

MEDA 210: Project Conception and Development Workshop (not offered in 2003­2004)

b) Photography

ARTS 238: Photography I

ARTS 350: Advanced Photo: Digital Photography

ARTS 350: Advanced Photo: Color Photography

c) Digital Production

MEDA 219: Audio Workshop

MEDA 250: Designing Complex Web Sites (not offered in 2003­2004)

MEDA 262: Advanced Editing Techniques

MEDA 263: Authoring New Media

Students are expected to work with a Media Studies faculty adviser to devise an optimum program of study.