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Physical Education, Athletics, and Recreation (PE)

Chair and Athletic Director: Professor Leon Lunder

Professors: Mary Easter, Guy A. Kalland, Leon Lunder, William Terriquez

Associate Professors: Andrew M. Clark, Donna M. Ricks, Gerald L. Young

Assistant Professors: Christian J. Brann, Sarah E. Hurst, Heidi L. Jaynes, Tammy Metcalf-Filzen, Amy Tenute

Description of Program:

The Physical Education Program includes a variety of activity courses from which the student may select. Emphasis is on an "activity for all" approach in hopes that each person will discover that physical activity can contribute to his/her well being now and in the future. Lifetime sports such as swimming, racquetball, tennis, aerobics, badminton, golf, skiing (downhill and cross country), and skating are particularly popular. To accommodate those who would prefer a team sport experience, classes in volleyball, basketball, frisbee, and hockey are offered. Weight training, aerobics, jogging, and cycling classes help those who wish to work on various components of their fitness. Classes are coed and instruction is given at beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels.

Courses are provided for those seeking American Red Cross certification in First Aid including CPR, Life Guard Training, and Water Safety Instructor.

Students interested in dance can elect to specialize in modern dance or ballet. Folk, social, and jazz classes are also popular (see Studies in Dance elsewhere in the Catalog for dance courses which may be taken for academic credit).


Four terms of physical education are required for graduation. Students are expected to complete these four courses by the end of the sophomore year. Classes usually meet twice a week. Students choose their activity class from a large selection of courses each term and may receive a maximum of one Physical Education activity credit per term. Physical Education credit may be earned for participation on a club team that meets the requirements stipulated by the department. Each club may be granted credit in only one term each academic year. During his/her time at Carleton, any student may receive only two of the required four PE credits by participating in a club sport. The maximum two club credits may be received in the same or different club sports.



Classes and groups meet in the most ideal setting possible, making use of Cowling Recreation Center, Carleton Recreation Center, West Gymnasium, Laird Stadium, Arb and Bell Field Tennis Courts, various outdoor playing fields around the campus and several off-campus sites. Physical Education classes, varsity teams, clubs, and intramurals are all tightly scheduled since the demands for use are very heavy.

Intercollegiate Athletics:

Carleton sponsors intercollegiate varsity teams for both men and women in the following sports: Basketball, Cross Country, Track and Field (indoor and outdoor), Soccer, Swimming/Diving, Golf and Tennis.

Men only: Baseball, Football

Women only: Softball, Volleyball, Synchronized Swimming

Physical Education credit can be earned for participation on an intercollegiate team. Candidates for athletic teams should have a current physical examination prior to the start of practice in their sport.

The College does not accept financial responsibility for medical, surgical, or other expenses arising out of athletic injuries which exceeds the care provided through the College Health Services and/or our authorized Athletic Trainer.

Carleton is a member of the Minnesota Intercollegiate Athletic Conference which participates in Division III of the NCAA.

Intramural Sports:

A varied program is offered to meet the needs and interests as expressed by the student body. Most intramurals are co-ed and are offered with several intensity levels. The program includes:

Fall: Ultimate Frisbee, Badminton, Floor Hockey, Team Tennis

Winter: Indoor Soccer, Ice Hockey, Broomball, Basketball, Badminton

Spring: Volleyball, Ultimate Frisbee, Softball, Floor Hockey, Team Tennis

All terms: The swim, bike, run, ski and stay fit program.

Clubs: Student directed organizations allow interest groups to flourish in the following activities:

Competitive: Co-ed Fencing, Co-ed Field Hockey, Men's and Women's Ultimate Frisbee, Men's and Women's Ice Hockey, Co-ed Indoor Soccer, Men's and Women's Lacrosse, Men's Volleyball, Co-ed Water Polo, Co-ed Cycling, Men's and Women's Rugby

Non-competitive: Aikido, Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Social Dance, Folk Dance, Equestrian, Kalochorus, Ebony and Dance Ensemble, Juggling

Activity Courses

All activity classes are offered on a S/NC basis.

Intercollegiate Teams (0 credits)

Clubs (0 credits)

It is possible for club sport teams to qualify for credit by applying through the Coordinator of Club and I.M. Sports. Students can earn no more than two of their required four PE credits through club sport participation.

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