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Russian Studies Concentration

Coordinator: Associate Professors Laura Goering, fall and winter, Adeeb Khalid, spring

Committee Members: Anna Mikhailovna Dotlibova, Laura Goering, Roy F. Grow, Michael Hemesath, Diane M. Nemec Ignashev, Norman Vig

The Russian Studies Concentration provides a focal point for the study of the complex and various nations of the former Russian empire and Soviet sphere of influence, including Eastern Europe and Central Asia. The concentration consists of core courses in history and literature, with supporting courses in economics, history, political science, language and literature. Whenever possible, students should seek to combine their study of European nations and cultures with those of Central Asia and Transcaucasia.

Requirements for the Concentration:

Six credits in Russian language beyond Russian 204. Students who participate in off-campus study programs and study a regional language may petition to substitute up to six credits of elementary regional language study for the last six credits in Russian.

Two core courses, three supplementary courses, and a senior seminar, for a total of six courses, which must be distributed over three disciplines. Supplementary courses may be drawn from the core or supporting categories. Note that Russian courses 205-395 simultaneously fulfill the concentration language requirement and serve as supplementary courses.

Core Courses:

HIST 240: History of Russia to 1861

HIST 241: History of Russia Since 1861 (Not offered in 2001-2002.)

RUSS 240: Flight of the Firebird (Not offered in 2001-2002.)

RUSS 242: Russian Literature in Translation: Short Prose (Not offered in 2001-2002.)

RUSS 244: Russian Literature in Translation: Novel

RUSS 255: Russian Cinema: History and Theory (Not offered in 2001-2002.)

Supporting Courses:

ECON 231: Soviet and Post-Soviet Economics (Not offered in 2001-2002.)

ECON 280: International Trade

ECON 281: International Finance

HIST 260: The Making of the Modern Middle East

HIST 265: Empires of the Steppe

POSC 120: Comparative Politics

POSC 235: The Cold War (Not offered in 2001-2002.)

POSC 253: Communist Political Thought: Marx to Mao (Not offered in 2001-2002.)

POSC 323: Russian Government and Foreign Policy (Not offered in 2001-2002.)

All Russian courses numbered 100, 150, and 205 and above. Offerings for 2001-2002:

RUSS 150: Contemporary Russian Culture and Society

RUSS 205: Russian in Cultural Contexts

Senior Seminars:

RUSS 395: The Cult of Stalin

HIST 395: Topics in Russian History (Not offered in 2001-2002.)

Courses from the Carleton Seminar in Moscow also apply toward the concentration in their respective categories as language and/or supporting courses. Courses from other study abroad opportunities in the region may also qualify towards the concentration. Contact the concentration coordinator for details.