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Sociology and Anthropology (SOAN)

Chair: Professor James F. Fisher

Professors: James F. Fisher, Beverly Nagel, Nader Saiedi, Nancy C. Wilkie

Visiting Professors: Naran Bilik, Michael R. Leming

Associate Professors: Pamela Feldman-Savelsberg, Jerome M. Levi

Assistant Professor: Annette Nierobisz

Visiting Instructor: Javier Morillo-Alicea

Joining two disciplines as it does, the Sociology and Anthropology Department at Carleton seeks to present a truly unified vision of them, both in the major as a whole and in many of the individual courses. Our principal goal is to give students a comparative perspective on human societies, exploring the vast range of similarities and differences among them in space and time.

Non-majors may take either 110 or 111. We strongly recommend, however, that students considering a major in the department take both of them (in either order) by the end of the sophomore year. Unless otherwise noted, 110 or 111 is prerequisite for courses numbered 200 and above, though juniors and seniors lacking the prerequisite may apply to the instructor for permission to enroll.

Requirements for a Major:

Sixty-six credits in the department, including 110, 111, 240, 330, 331 and 400. Students should plan on taking the theory courses, 330 and 331, and the research methods course, 240 in their junior year. The integrative exercise is spread out over the senior year, with most of the work falling in winter term. A maximum of 12 credits can be applied toward the major from relevant courses in off-campus programs.

In keeping with our philosophy of comparative studies and commitment to understanding human societies other than the one we live in, majors are required to carry out an in depth study of a culture other than their own. This may be done in conjunction with regular courses, through independent study, or on off-campus programs. Plans for completing this requirement should be discussed with the student's advisor early in the junior year.

Sociology/Anthropology Courses