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French and Francophone Studies Concentration (FRSTc)

Director: Professor Scott D. Carpenter

The French and Francophone Studies Concentration unites a diversity of disciplinary approaches to France while extending the notion of French and Francophone Studies beyond the specific territorial and linguistic boundaries of France and Parisian French. Relying on a solid language training, courses offered in French literature of France, Francophone literature of Africa and the Caribbean, film studies, social, political and art history, and economics, will afford a synthetic view of the evolution and impact of French cultural institutions. The majors most organically connected with French Studies are French, history, anthropology, art history, and political science, although students majoring in other disciplines may also concentrate in French and Francophone Studies.

Requirements for the Concentration:

Language Requirement: French 204 or equivalent

Two Supporting Courses:

FREN 243 Culture with a Small "c"

FREN 249/349 Paris Program: Living in the City: Paris-Fés

FREN 250 Mali Program: Film and Society in Mali (Not offered in 2006-2007)

HIST 181 Western African Societies in Historical Perspective (Not offered in 2006-2007)

HIST 234 France in the Making, 987-1460*

HIST 237 The Enlightenment

HIST 284 Colonial West Africa (Not offered in 2006-2007)

LCST 245 Introduction to Critical Methods: Structure, Gender, Culture

Four Core Courses: Two from Group I, one from Groups II and III

Group I: French and Francophone Literature

FREN 240 Introduction to French Literature: Dreams of Trespass

FREN 241 Introduction to French Literature: Identity Quests

FREN 243 Culture with a Small "c"

FREN 249/349 Paris Program: Living in the City: Paris-Fes

FREN 351 Topics in Sixteenth Century Literature: Metamorphoses: Love, War and Monsters in Early Modern France (Not offered in 2006-2007)

FREN 352 The Court and Its Dissenters

FREN 354 Literature of the Other (Not offered in 2006-2007)

FREN 356 Nineteenth Century Literature: Aesthetics of the False (Not offered in 2006-2007)

FREN 359 Twentieth Century Literature: The Novel and Memory

* This course qualifies for Group I if not taken to fulfill the supporting courses requirement.

Group II History and Art History

ARTH 242 Impressionism

FREN 246 Paris Program: City of Wonders: Paris in the Arts

FREN 251 Mali Program: Negotiating the Past: The Challenges of Nation-building in Mali

HIST 137 Before Europe: The Early Medieval World 250c-1050 (Not offered in 2006-2007)

HIST 140 Modern Europe 1789-1914

HIST 141 Europe in the Twentieth Century

HIST 232 The Renaissance

HIST 234 France in the Making, 987-1460

HIST 236 Courtly Queens to Revolutionary Heroines: European Women 1100-1800 (Not offered in 2006-2007)

HIST 237 The Enlightenment*

HIST 243 The Peasants are Revolting! Society and Politics in the Making of Modern France (Not offered in 2006-2007)

*This course qualifies for Group II if not taken to fulfill the supporting course requirement.

Group III: Social Sciences: Anthropology, Economics, Political Science

ECON 233 European Economic History

FREN 233 Culture with a Small "c"

CAMS 238 Border Crossings: Postmodern Perspective on French and German Cinema (Not offered in 2006-2007)

POSC 251 Modern Political Philosophy (Not offered in 2006-2007)

POSC 255 Post-Modern Political Thought (Not offered in 2006-2007)

POSC 352 Political Theory of Alexis de Tocqueville

SOAN 256: Ethnography of Africa

*This course qualifies for Group III if not taken to fulfill the supporting course requirement.

Senior Seminar: FREN 395 The Mande of West Africa

For courses other than those in the French department, students will be expected to do source reading in French, but papers and exams will be written in English. Check with the Coordinator for other on or off-campus courses that may count for the concentration.