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Medieval and Renaissance Studies Concentration (MEST)

Directors: Assistant Professors Victoria Morse, William North

The Medieval and Renaissance Studies Concentration encourages students interested in the cultures and kingdoms that flourished from Late Antiquity through the Renaissance to deepen their understanding of these periods through an interdisciplinary program of study. Heirs to ancient empires, the societies of Europe, Byzantium, and the Muslim world each offer fascinating opportunities to watch societies cope with timeless problems of power, identity, and belief. The concentration is open to students in ANY major who wish to expand their knowledge of this important and fascinating period of human history.

A total of 42 credits (usually 7 courses) is required for the concentration: 18 credits in "Core" courses, 18 credits in "Supporting" courses; and a capstone seminar. In addition to the seminars listed below, students may count—with prior approval of both the course instructor and the concentration coordinator’s—other advanced seminars in which the concentrator’s research focuses on a topic within the period covered by the concentration

Optional Off-Campus Programs: Off-campus study can be an important part of the concentration. Students interested in study abroad as part of the concentration are advised to consult with their academic advisers in deciding when to go off-campus and with the concentration coordinators to discuss the range of programs available and potential programs of study. Courses taken abroad may count for up to two "core" courses (12 credits) and two "supporting courses" (12 credits).

Requirements for the Concentration:

Core Courses (3 courses/18 credits required):

ARCN 246 Archaeological Methodology

ARTH 101 Introduction to Art History I

ARTH 234 Italian Renaissance Art (not offered in 2006-2007)

CLAS 229 The Later Roman Empire, Byzantium and Islam

ENGL 110 English Literature, I

ENGL 130 Shakespeare I

ENGL 300 Chaucer I: The Canterbury Tales

ENGL 301 The Courtly Chaucer

ENGL 310 Shakespeare: The Histories and Comedies

ENGL 313 Major Works of the English Renaissance: The Faerie Queene

ENGL 314 Major Works of the English Renaissance: Paradise Lost

FREN 351 Topics in the Sixteenth Century Literature: Metamorphoses: Love, War and Monsters in Early Modern Fr (not offered in 2006-2007)

HIST 130 The Formation of Early Christian Thought (not offered in 2006-2007)

HIST 137 Before Europe: The Early Medieval World, 250-c. 1050 (not offered in 2006-2007)

HIST 138 The Making of Europe

HIST 139 Foundations of Modern Europe (not offered in 2006-2007)

HIST 204 Crusade, Contact and Exchange in the Medieval Mediterranean (not offered in 2006-2007)

HIST 232 The Renaissance

HIST 233 Cultures of Empire: Byzantium, 710-1453

HIST 234 France in the Making, 987-1460

HIST 235 Dante's Italy (not offered in 2006-2007)

HIST 236 Courtly Queens to Revolutionary Heroines: European Women 1100-1800 (not offered in 2006-2007)

HIST 243 The Peasants are Revolting! Society and Politics in the Making of Modern France (not offered in 2006-2007)

LATN 241 Petronius and Apuleius (not offered in 2006-2007)

LATN 243 Medieval Latin (not offered in 2006-2007)

MUSC 210 Medieval and Renaissance Music (not offered in 2006-2007)

PHIL 111 Introduction to Western Philosophy I: Ancient and Medieval (not offered in 2006-2007)

RELG 122 Introduction to Islam (not offered in 2006-2007)

RELG 231 Protestant Thought (not offered in 2006-2007)

RELG 263 Sufism

Supporting Courses (18 credits required):
(Note: all courses listed as "core courses" also qualify as "supporting courses.")

ARTH 170 History of Printmaking (Not offered in 2006-2007)

ARTH 230 The Sistine Chapel

ARTH 233 Van Eyck, Bosch, Bruegel: Their Visual Culture (Not offered in 2006-2007)

ARTH 238 Rembrandt Netherlandish Art in Context

ARTH 239 Netherlandish Art on Site

GERM 230 From Gutenberg to Gates: The History and Practice of Printing

GERM 231 Damsels, Dwarfs, and Dragons: Medieval German Literature

HIST 110 The Age of Elizabeth

HIST 238 Topics in Medieval History: Church, Papacy, and Empire

HIST 238 Topics in Medieval History: The World of Bede

HIST 245 Ireland: The Origin of the Troubles (Not offered in 2006-2007)

HIST 265 Empires of the Steppe (Not offered in 2006-2007)

POSC 250 Ancient Political Philosophy

RELG 262 Millennialism in Cross-Cultural Perspective (Not offered in 2006-2007)

RELG 264 Muslims on the Margin: A Survey of Islamic Minority Traditions (Not offered in 2006-2007)

SPAN 330 The Invention of the Modern Novel: Cervantes’ Don Quijote (Not offered in 2006-2007)

Capstone Seminars (one course required):

ARCN 395: Archaeology Capstone

FREN 351 Topics in Sixteenth-Century Literature: Metamorpghoses: Love, War and Monsters in Early Modern France (Not offered in 2006-2007)

HIST 395 Topics in Early Modern European History: Revolutions in History

HIST 395 Voyages of Understanding

RELG 331 God, Lovesickness, and Wine