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Women's and Gender Studies Concentration (WGSTc)

Director: Professor Barbara Allen

The Women's and Gender Studies Concentration offers students the opportunity to complement their major field with an interdisciplinary focus on women and gender.

Requirements for the Concentration:

Six courses will be required from the following three groups. The range of courses must include at least two disciplines.

I. Women's and Gender Studies 110: Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies

II. Core Courses (4 courses or 24 credits):

ARTH 223 Women in Art

CAMS 225 Film Noir: The Dark Side of the American Dream (Not offered in 2008-2009)

CAMS 226 The Melodramatic Imagination

CAMS 236 European Women Filmmakers (Not offered in 2008-2009)

CLAS 114 Gender and Sexuality in Classical Antiquity (Not offered in 2008-2009)

EDUC 360 Gender, Sexuality and Schooling (Not offered in 2008-2009)

ENGL 318 Gothic Spirit

ENGL 319 The Rise of the Novel

HIST 222 U.S. Women's History to 1877

HIST 223 U.S. Women's History Since 1877

HIST 229 Gender and Work in U.S. History

HIST 236 Courtly Queens to Revolutionary Heroines: European Women 1100-1800

HIST 238 The World of Bede

HIST 238 Topics in Medieval History: Church, Papacy and Empire

HIST 259 Women in South Asia: Histories, Narratives and Representation

HIST 330/395 Gender, Ethics and Power in Medieval France

JAPN 234 Modern Japanese Novel in Translation: Mothers/Daughters; Fathers/Sons

JAPN 236 Classical Japanese Fiction: The Tale of Genji and Its World in Translation (Not offered in 2008-2009)

POSC 275 Identity Politics in America: Ethnicity, Gender, Religion

POSC 353 Feminist and American Separatist Movements (Not offered in 2008-2009)

POSC 355 Contemporary Feminist Thought: Identity, Culture, and Rights (Not offered in 2008-2009)

RELG 224 Women and Christianity

RELG 236 Gender and Religion in the African Diaspora

RELG 244 Prophetesses and Prostitutes, Murderesses and matriarchs: Gender Roles in the Hebrew Bible

RELG 284 The Virgin of Guadalupe

RELG 322 Gender and God Talk: Christian Feminist Theologies (Not offered in 2008-2009)

SOAN 226 Anthropology of Gender

SPAN 255 Women Dramatists in Latin America: Staging Conflicts (Not offered in 2008-2009)

SPAN 344 Women Writers in Latin America: Challenging Gender and Genre

WGST 200 Feminist Ways of Knowing (Not offered in 2008-2009)

WGST 205 The Politics of Women's Health (Not offered in 2008-2009)

WGST 234 Feminist Theory (Not offered in 2008-2009)

III. Capstone Seminar: WGST 396: Capstone Seminar: Body Politics. Other advanced seminars may be substituted for the designated capstone seminar only with the approval of both the instructor and the Women’s and Gender Studies director.