CAMS 280. We Media: Theories and Practices of Writing Lives, Documenting Community, and Framing Change

Storytelling is a tool for preserving memory, writing history, learning, entertaining, organizing, and healing. It is in the telling of stories that communities build identities, construct meaning, and make connections with others and the world. In this course we will examine modes and power dimensions of digital storytelling, investigate the role of digitized media used for community organizing and development, and discuss the gendered and racialized digital divide. Students will gain tools to tell their own stories using digital media (video, still images, sound and artwork) and learn Mac-based editing. Students will produce photographic and video work that will be shared on the course blog. 6 cr., AL, SpringR.Raimist

CAMS 280. We Media: The Personal Media Revolution Explore the "personal media revolution" in theory and practice. After reading critical commentary on how "we media" technologies and practices are transforming the media landscape, we jump in ourselves making weblogs, audioblogs, videoblogs, podcasting, RSS syndication, and more. 6 cr., AL,

Carleton College Academic Catalog 2007