Links to Chilean and Argentine cinema websites


Links to Chilean cinema resources:

Cinechile - the best resource for information about Chilean cinema (in Spanish)

Cinechileno Online - Cinechile's collection of links to Chilean films on the web

Cineteca Virtual - on-line repository for features, shorts, documentaries, and experimental films housed by the Universidad de Chile

Archivo Digital de la Cineteca Nacional - the digital archive of Chilean cinema

ArcoirisTV - another virtual cinematheque with a mixed-bag of selections

Cineteca Nacional - current films and film series playing at the Cineteca

La Fuga - Chile's top film journal

Mabuse - another main cinema journal in Chile

Chilean Film Chronology - an English-language database of Chilean films

Festival Internacional de Cine de Viña del Mar - the Viña del Mar film festival website


Links to Argentine cinema resources:

Cine Argentinos - commercial cinema website (in Spanish)

INCAA – the main funding source for Argentine cinema (in Spanish)

INCAA Annual Boxoffice Reports - from 2009

Cinemargentino - streaming site for Argentine films, most of which have English subtitles

Cine Nacional - an IMDb-style database of Argentine films with links to reviews and critical analyses

Communidad Zoom - the best in legal, free Argentine films (when the website is working!)

INCAA TV - guide to the state-run network for Argentine cinema

INCAA TV Channel - their YouTube account

MALBA Cine - screening schedule for the MALBA - Museum of Latin American Art, Buenos Aires

Museo del Cine Pablo Ducrós Hicken - cinema museum in Buenos Aires

El Amante Cine - one of the best Argentine online film journals

Mediatico - an English-language journal of Iberian and Latin American cinema and culture

Pino Solanas - the website for Fernando E. Solanas the filmmaker and the politician