CCCE Staff

Sayles-Hill 150
One North College St.
Northfield, MN 55057

(507) 222-7020

Office hours: 9 am–5 pm, M–F


Amel Gorani
Amel Gorani Profile
Director of the Center for Community and Civic Engagement
Laura Riehle-Merrill
Laura Riehle-Merrill Profile
Director for Community Engagement and Student Leadership
Adrienne Falcon
Adrienne Falcon ’89 Profile
Director of Academic Civic Engagement
Lecturer in Sociology
Annette Nierobisz
Annette Nierobisz Profile
Broom Fellow for Public Scholarship
Professor of Sociology
Julie Bubser
Julie Bubser Profile
ACT Project Worker
CCCE Project Worker
Community-Based Work Study Coordinator
Cindy Plash
Cindy Plash
Administrative Assistant for Community and Civic Engagement
Caroline Von Klemperer
Caroline von Klemperer ’16
Educational Associate for CCCE and HHMI Grant
Phillip Lundquist
Phillip Lundquist
Interim Program Coordinator for Civic Engagement Pathways


Alex A!
Alex Adamczyk ’18 Profile

Environment and Energy Fellow

Caleb reflecting with a beach ball
Caleb Braun ’17

One-Time Events/Alternative Spring Break Fellow

Charlotte Mann
Charlotte Mann ’17

Community Development Fellow

Christian Purnell
Christian Purnell ’17

Communications Fellow

Christine Zheng
Christine Zheng ’18

Arts and Humanities Fellow

Cynthia Chang
Cynthia Chang ’17 Profile

Public Health Fellow

Dana Paine
Dana Paine ’17

Public Scholarship Fellow

Hayat Ahmed '19
Hayat Ahmed ’19 Profile

Academic Civic Engagement Fellow

Jonah Kan
Jonah Kan ’19 Profile

Organizational/Administrative Support Fellow

Joyce Kim
Joyce Kim ’17 Profile

HealthFinders Fellow

Kate Abram '17
Kate Abram ’17

Food Fellow

Laura Rafferty
Laura Rafferty ’18 Profile

Education Fellow: Northfield Middle School

Lillie Cox
Lillie Cox ’17 Profile

Northfield Reads and Counts Fellow

Lizzy Ehren
Lizzy Ehren ’18 Profile

Education Fellow: Faribault

Margot Manning
Margot Manning ’17

Education Fellow: Faribault

Maya Margolis ’19

Publicity Fellow

Naomi Borowsky
Naomi Borowsky ’18 Profile

Education Fellow

Nice Leeke '17
Nick Leeke ’18 Profile

Academic Civic Engagement Fellow

Patrick Wigent '19 Education Fellow: Ongoing Programs
Patrick Wigent ’19

Education Fellow: Northfield High School

Perrin Stein
Perrin Stein ’17

Food Fellow

Peter Bruno
Peter Bruno ’17 Profile

Political Engagement and Activism Fellow

Rachel Cheung
Rachel Cheung ’17

Environment and Energy Fellow

Sarah Goldman
Sarah Goldman ’17 Profile

Food Fellow

Sarah Trachtenberg
Sarah Trachtenberg ’17 Profile

Education Fellow: Assessment and Organizational Support

Saul Lira Melo
Saul Melo Lira ’18 Profile

Academic Civic Engagement Fellow

Stephanie Valle
Stephanie Valle ’17 Profile

Education Fellow: Faribault

Victor Huerta
Victor Huerta ’18 Profile

Education Fellow: College Access/PSEO