Seth Snyder says farewell to CCCE

June 5, 2019 at 1:08 pm

We have more bittersweet news to share: Seth Snyder has resigned as the Associate Director for Student Leadership of CCCE and will step down from his position in mid-June. Seth is leaving Carleton to take up a position as Dean of Students at St. Catherine University. We are very happy for Seth and congratulate him on his new appointment. We will miss him dearly here at CCCE and at the College. 

Seth has led and greatly advanced the CCCE's student leadership work. He oversaw the recruitment and training of CCCE fellows and the ever growing number of  CCCE community-engaged break fellowships. He managed the many programs within the Education focus area, served on the College's Peer Leaders Committee and the Student Awards Committee, co-managed the CCCE's Alternative Spring Break Program.

Seth also co-directed the ICAP federal grant that supported education programs in Northfield and Faribault and participated actively in the implementation of the CNCS-funded Participatory Action Research project around the educational experiences of migrant communities in Faribault, among many other contributions. 

Stay tuned for more updates about who will assume his responsibilities, and reach out to Kendall Clements with any questions!