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We are in the process of moving to our new CCCE site. Please excuse any broken links or other issues during this process, as we improve our site to serve you better.

For Community Members

The CCCE and our Community

The CCCE (Center for Community and Civic Engagement) at Carleton College connects college students to the Northfield and broader Rice County community through meaningful volunteer experiences.  The CCCE hosts 25 ongoing programs with regular, committed volunteers, one-time events to meet periodic community needs, and educational programming to inform the way we understand community engagement and learning.  We reach out beyond the borders of our campus not only to enrich the lives of Carleton students, but also to foster strong, cooperative relationships in our hometown.

Contacting the CCCE

Let us know about community needs for volunteers, program possibilities, and ways to connect local organizations with Carleton students.  Need to contact the CCCE?  Try our contact link, or call (507) 222-7020.

If you would like to request volunteers or schedule a campus visit, see the links below.