ACE Faculty Resources

General Faculty Resources

The ACE Faculty Manual

This booklet provides resources for faculty who would like to plan an ACE course. It includes information on best practices and resources, as well as information on education and research specific ACE courses.

The Community Partnership Agreements

Attached below, you will find the three versions of Community Partnership Agreements. These resources were developed collaboratively by the CCCE office and the Mellon Public Works Initiative to help guide initial conversations between faculty and community partners who are engaging in academic civic engagement projects. The agreements help all parties establish their expectations about a project in more detail. They can additionally be used as a teaching tool to get students thinking about ways to create reciprocal partnerships.

Each draft builds on the previous one, providing more structure to guide the conversation.

 Option 1: Basic Community Partner Agreement

 Option 2: Guided Community Partner Agreement

 Option 3: Structured Community Partner Agreement

 Faculty Resources for Partnerships with Local Schools

List of School Closures (2019-2020)

This document compiles school closures for the Northfield Public Schools, Faribault Public Schools, and Carleton College for the 2019-2020 academic year.

Background Checks

All volunteers for Northfield or Faribault Public Schools must complete and pass a background check before working within a school.

Have your students fill these out, and bring them back to the CCCE: