May 12


Saturday, May 12th, 2012
1:00 – 7:00 pm / Farmhouse Lawn

This Saturday is the Farm event of the year--FARMSTOCK!!!

Come up to Farm at 1PM for a lovely day of music, planting and eating delicious food. Your help is essential in getting these tasks done before the term is over, so please come help out and have fun with us! We'll be out there all afternoon and into the evening.

activities for farmstock will likely include the following:

-fill cool frames with soil & seed greens
-seed microgreens in the hoop house
-seed squash/beets
-clear out herb boxes
-jam bands

Tentative Music Schedule:

1:00PM Accidentals
1:30 Farm Band
2:15 Wake Robin.
3:00 New Women in Uzbekistan
3:30 Nat Case
4:00 Knightengales
4:20 Francesca Giovanna
4:40 Max Kritzer
5:00PM Storytelling
6:00PM Marty Anderson and the Goods
7:00 Afro-Cuban Drum Ensembles

See you then!

Sponsored by Farm Club. Contact: Guthrie T. Cunningham