Fellowships & Work

Community Engaged Fellowships

Community Engaged Fellowships were established to provide financial support to students and community partner organizations seeking to effect sustainable and equitable social change through focused projects and short-term positions. Find and apply to current opportunities on the Tunnel.

  • 2019 Fellowships
  • Previous Community Engaged Fellowships
    Check out some current and previous community engaged fellowships here!
  • Puzak Fund
    The Puzak fund supports activities such as student civic engagement internships and service projects, both over the summer and during the academic year.
  • Puzak Projects Summer 2017
    These are summer fellowships with local community partners, each with a small stipend.
  • Sesquicentennial Fellowships
    Please check each position description to see if the fellowship can be extended over the course of the summer, or if it can be completed in combination with another fellowship or employment opportunity. Applications are due March 6th, 2017 by 11:59pm


For students who qualify for federal or state work study, consider applying for a Community Based Work Study position.

  • Northfield Reads and Counts
    Northfield Reads and Counts is a local implementation of two national educational initiatives (America Reads and America Counts) seeking to involve community members in helping children develop critical reading and mathematics skills.
  • Off-Campus Community Work Study
    A state- and federally-funded program designed to create partnerships between Carleton and community organizations with our students serving as the bridge between the organization and the campus.

Summer Opportunities

Extend your community engagement work into the summer organizations for an internship.

  • Carleton Student Farm
    The Carleton Farm, a student-run organic farm, strives to grow food in sustainable and experimental ways. All of our produce goes to the dining halls.
  • Other Summer Opportunities
    Check out these other summer opportunities at various non-profits
  • Social Justice Internships
    The Carleton Chapel supports students pursuing internships or training programs in organizations promoting social justice. Qualifying programs include work in human rights, community organizing, environmental activism, and community development.
  • Summer Arboretum Employment
    Each summer the Carleton Arboretum hires 5 students for the Summer Arb Crew. If you enjoy spending a lot of time outside, and are willing to do physical work outdoors for extended periods, this internship is for you!
  • Summer PLUS, Summer BLAST
    Summer PLUS and Summer BLAST provide instruction and programming for Northfield students in grades K-5 and 6-8 respectively. Interns assist with instruction and lead enrichment activities.
  • Summer STEAM
    The Faribault Summer STEAM program helps 1st-8th grade students improve their reading, math, and digital literacy skills through hands-on enrichment activities. Interns lead instruction and more.