What has Being a Fellow Meant to You? Four Peer Leaders Share

We asked four Fellows at Carleton's Center for Community and Civic Engagement what the role has meant to them, what they've learned, and what their favorite parts of the job are. Here's what they said:


Jonah KanI love being a Fellow because I get to interact with a wide variety of programs every day and learn more in-depth about how Carleton students choose to engage with their community. I also love being able to communicate with community partners and hear from their perspective about how Carleton programs are helping them serve the community.

-- Jonah Kan '19 (Food Programs)


Nick LeekeBeing a Fellow is one of the most rewarding jobs on campus. Not only do you get to work every day alongside passionate, dedicated individuals who work hard to better their community but you build skills that will last a lifetime. As a Fellow, you gain practical experiences that you can leverage in conjunction with your liberal arts background to hit the ground running in life after Carleton.

--Nick Leeke '18 (Academic Civic Engagement)


Patrick Wigent  Being a Fellow has introduced me to more communities than I thought I could ever be a part of. Beyond the countless student groups I get to interact with, I also get to meet community leaders, teachers, and Northfield students who are just as committed to education justice as I am. This exposes me to new perspectives and really helps me understand the context in which Carleton students live and work.

--Patrick Wigent '19 (Education)


I've learned so much from being a Fellow at the CCCE, whether its through the formal trainings, interactions with students, or working with people in the community who are passionate about making a difference. When you're a Fellow, it's easy to see the impact of your work.

--David Roizin '20 (Community Development)