Community-Based Student Employment

About Off-Campus Community Work Study

A state- and federally-funded program designed to create partnerships between Carleton and community organizations with our students serving as the bridge between the organization and the campus.

Interested in gaining non-profit experience? Search for job postings by interest area


Group Activity Leader at Fifty North

Social Media Asst and Videographer at Fifty North

Shop Attendant at Used a Bit Shoppe(an enterprise of Fifty North)


Bus Supervisor at Greenvale Community School

Youth Advocate at Northfield Union of Youth

Middle School Youth Center Site Assistant


Office Asst at Cannon River Watershed Partnership

Community Development

Kennel Worker at Believet

Office Assistant at Believet

Office Assistant at Healthy Communities Initiative

Public Policy Coordinator at Laura Baker Services

Carleton College, in conjunction with nonprofit community service organizations, offers students the opportunity to earn work-study awards off campus performing jobs in the community interest.

This program is designed to create partnerships between Carleton and community organizations with our students serving as the bridge between the organization and the campus. This establishes an important component of engagement between students, the community, and Carleton.

Work Study is a state- and federally-funded program that supports part-time employment for eligible students. The work study award is part of the student's financial aid package.

These work-study opportunities are all off-campus positions.

View Current Job Postings on the Student Financial Services website. [NOTE: These are not all OFF-campus positions.]

Application Process

  1. Students must have a federal or state work study award to be eligible for off-campus work study opportunities.
  2. The hourly wage is $10.75 beginning June 11, 2019.
  3. Students are allowed to work only during the academic year. The academic year does not include breaks.
  4. Complete the online application (see form below).
  5. Your application will be reviewed and forwarded to the organization you indicate on the application.
  6. Complete an application for each job posting in which you are interested if applying for more than one position.
  7. The organization will contact you based on your qualification/experience for an interview. Hiring time frame will vary for different organizations.
  8. The organization will contact the applicant and the Work Study Coordinator of the selected candidate for the position.
  9. Once a position has been offered and accepted, the student is required to meet with the Work Study Coordinator to complete the mandatory paperwork and review procedures before beginning work.

Completion of the Process

  • Once a student accepts employment with a community organization, it is mandatory to make an appointment and meet with the Work Study Coordinator, Kendall Clements, x6202.
  • Student will complete and submit two required forms, I-9 and W-4, to be completed through Human Resources. These forms can be obtained in Human Resources (Strong House).
  • The Work Study Coordinator will provide a hired student with materials and information, such as time sheets, payroll schedules, and transportation options.
  • We will discuss expectations, professionalism, and accountability as a student working with and for community partners.
  • Part of a student's role is to establish communication with the Work Study Coordinator. This is an important component of the campus community service program and effort.

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