Carls Against Cancer

About Carls Against Cancer

Carls Against Cancer is a group dedicated to helping those whose lives' have been affected by Cancer. Projects such as Cancer Sucks TM, Relay For Life, and Locks For Love, are all ways in which Carleton Students can join the fight against cancer.

Carls Against Cancer is a program that works with St. Olaf and the American Cancer Society on a variety of projects. The major focus is Hour of Power, in addition to other smaller short-term projects that vary depending on interest. Volunteers are needed for varying time commitments from one day a term to a few hours a week.

Cancer Sucks™

The aim of Cancer Sucks™ is to make cancer “suck less” for everyone. The organization was started in 2005 by Carleton Alums Katie Magoon and Ted Mullin '06 in an effort to raise money for the American Cancer Society’s Relay For Life. Since then, the organization has grown by leaps and bounds to a dedicated full time non-profit organization, with presence in over 11 states and two countries. Today, Cancer Sucks has raised over $7,000 for cancer research.

How does Cancer Sucks™ raise money?

The primary fundraiser is selling t-shirts for $12.

Where does the money go?

All the proceeds from the shirts go to directly benefit The Ted Mullin Cancer Research Fund at the University of Chicago. The fund is dedicated to the treatment and prevention of sarcoma, one of the top ten deadliest cancers.

What else do you do besides sell t-shirts?

Cancer Sucks is only one of the many ways Carls Against Cancer, an CCCE sponsored group, raises money for the fight against cancer. Carls Against Cancer is also involved with the Hour of Power Relay For Sarcoma Research. This is a nation-wide event that helps promote awareness as well as raise funds for cancer research. Since its conception, the Hour of Power has raised over $250,000 for Cancer Research.

 Carleton, Hour of Power Relay for Cancer Research