Girls Who Code

About Girls Who Code

Carleton students can teach coding to middle school girls at either Faribault or Northfield Middle Schools.

Girls Who Code meets at both Northfield Middle School and Faribault Middle School. Both programs meet after school, once per week. Girls Who Code aims to energize middle school girls about coding through programming projects, fun games, and mentorship. Once a week, young women from Carleton College lead activities, ranging from being silly on the floor to writing programs using, with a group of middle school girls. Our goals are to get girls excited about coding, build a supportive and trusting community with strong relationships, and open up a space for middle school students to let loose, take risks, and gain confidence.

Contact Maryam Hedayati (hedayatim) for Faribault Middle School and Evie Rosenberg (rosenberge) for Northfield Middle School.