Volunteer Tutoring Hotline/Tutoria

About Volunteer Tutoring Hotline/Tutoria

Individually arranged one-on-one tutoring between Carleton volunteers and Northfield students of all ages. Tutors needed in all subjects to meet at public locations, one hour weekly. Times are flexible.

About our program: The CCCE Volunteer Tutoring Program is a free tutoring program that matches Carleton student volunteers with Northfield students of all ages in need of one-on-one academic assistance in any subject. Our program is set up to support students who already have a set curriculum; our tutors are not equipped to assign new content. Approved tutors sign up for specific tutoring requests depending on their academic interests and availability and will meet with students for about one hour, once a week in a public location. Tutoring sessions are individualized to the student’s needs and may include review of concepts learned in school, preparation for upcoming tests, help with homework, etc.

INTERESTED IN BECOMING A TUTOR? Click on the "For Carleton Student Tutors" link and fill out the Tutor Profile form.

INTERESTED IN REQUESTING A TUTOR?  Click on the "For Parents/Para los Padres" link and fill out the Tutoring Request form.

Patrick Wigent, Education Fellow

Tutoring Hotline / Linea Telefonica: (507) 222-5595
Tutoring E-mail: wigentp@carleton.edu