Public Scholarship Resources

Imagining America: Arts and Humanities in Public Life
A consortium of universities and organizations dedicated to advancing the public and civic purposes of humanities, arts, and design.

Campus Compact
A national coalition of more than 1,100 college and university presidents—representing some 6 million students—who are committed to fulfilling the civic purposes of higher education. 

What is Engaged Scholarship?
A Campus Compact Bibliography

Scholarship in Public: Knowledge Creation and Tenure Policy in the Engaged University
Imagining America Tenure Team Initiative Report

Technology to Engage in Public Scholarship Resource Website (Carleton ITS- Academic Technology)
Resources on Wikipedia, Omeka, GIS, Reason, and Wordpress from the 2015 Winter Workshop for Faculty/Staff

Center for a Public Anthropology
The Center encourages scholars and their students to address public problems in public ways and fosters accountability in higher education.

Academic Programs in Public Anthropology

University of Oregon

American University

UC Berkeley