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Chemist Matt Whited completes workshop project for NSF

December 26, 2018
By Christopher Tassava

Chemist MMatt Whitedatt Whited has completed a project for the National Science Foundation in which he and a collaborator offered a training workshop to 100 junior chemistry faculty from around the country.

Funded by an NSF grant (award #1762479), Whited worked with Prof. Gordana Dukovic of the University of Colorado to stage a workshop in March 2018 at which new faculty members gained insights on the proposal writing and reviewing processes at NSF and other funders, met with successful grant recipients and with program officers, and begin developing research plans that are ambitious, yet realistic.

Demand for the workshop was high and the admissions process competitive, leading to a broadly representative and diverse set of attendees, including many who received grant-funded scholarship support for their attendance.  Attendees took newfound skills and insights back to their home institutions, allowing the impact of the workshop to extend beyond the initial participants.  Workshop participants indicated a high level of satisfaction with the career-development opportunities provided by the workshop, and NSF Chemistry will be using the workshop as a model for another in 2019.