Institute of Current World Affairs - Fellowships

June 2, 2010
By Christopher Tassava

The Institute of Current World Affairs offers fellowships to researchers under 36 years of age for self-designed, independent study of any country or society around the world. The Institute is particularly interested in Southeast Asia, especially Indonesia, North Africa (east and west), and Venezuela, but candidates may seek fellowships anywhere.

The purpose of a fellowship is to learn about other societies, not to change them. Candidates must show that a proposed fellowship holds promise to enrich public life in the United States by enhancing the understanding of foreign countries, cultures, and trends.The fellowships are primarily writing grants which require the fellow to communicate through monthly newsletters with a general, well-educated audience. Fellowships are not scholarships and are not awarded to support work toward academic degrees, for research projects, or the writing of books. Fellows are not permitted to engage in overtly political activities during their fellowship.

More information:

Deadline: August 1, 2010 (for required initial letters of interest)