Two research grants awarded to Matt Whited

June 6, 2011
By Dee Menning

Matt Whited, Assistant Professor of Chemistry, recently received a pair of awards that will further his research and provide opportunities for undergraduate students.

In May, the Research Corporation for Scientific Advancement awarded a $35,000 Cottrell College Science Award for his project entitled “Development of Silylamides as Nitrene Delivery Reagents for Late Transition Metals.” In June, the American Chemical Society awarded a $50,000 Petroleum Research Grant for a related project, “Ambiphilic Scaffolds for Cooperative Metal-Ligand Activation of Small Molecules.”

Together, the two projects will inaugurate Professor Whited's research program at Carleton. The projects promise to expose undergraduate students to several important areas of research in organometallic chemistry and small-molecule activation, domains which are important for numerous pharmaceutical and commodity chemicals, including petroleum.