Score Table

After taking the Chemistry Placement Evaluation, use the following guidelines to decide your best starting point in the Chemistry Department:

Chem Score: 0–5

  • Enroll in Chemistry 122

Chem Score: 6–7

  • Enroll in Chemistry 123 with problem solving 

Chem Score: 8–10 and Math Score: 0–7

  • Enroll in Chemistry 123 with problem solving

Chem Score: 8–10 and Math Score: 8–10

  • Enrollment in Chemistry 123 (with or without problem solving) or Chemistry 128 is appropriate

Students with no high school chemistry experience and students with low Placement Evaluation scores should take Chemistry 122. Chemistry 122, An Introduction to Chemistry, is designed to prepare students with little or no prior work in chemistry to take Chemistry 123 or Chemistry 128. Chemistry 122 is normally offered only once per year, so students who want to take this course are strongly encouraged to enroll at the first possible opportunity.

The first chemistry course that counts towards the chemistry major and that enables students to continue at a more advanced level in chemistry is either Chemistry 123, Principles of Chemistry, or Chemistry 128, Principles of Environmental Chemistry. Although taught from slightly different perspectives, all sections of Chemistry 123 and Chemistry 128 will cover the fundamental topics that are necessary for further work in chemistry, biology, geology, or medicine.

A section of Chemistry 123 with problem solving is also periodically offered for students who wish to further develop their general analytical and critical thinking skills. This smaller section will have additional class meetings for problem solving and review. Chemistry 123 with problem solving is appropriate for students who would like to have more scheduled time to work with a faculty member on developing their scientific reasoning skills and understanding of the foundations of chemistry.