The Buzz About GEI

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  • Nimita Iyer“Getting to meet Professor Quigley was an amazing opportunity for myself and for all of the other students who attended his talk, How Human Rights Can Build Haiti.”

    • His description of the cholera epidemic in Haiti and ensuing lawsuit against the United Nations was enlightening in helping me to understand history’s only proven successful model of human rights advocacy: one that begins at a grassroots level, rather than in some NGO’s or lawyer's office. Also, his discussion of how U.S. citizens can make an impact in other countries without approaching their problems with a “savior complex” or from a top-down perspective helped me to understand my role in engaging in problems around the world that I care about but may not be directly related to. I am very grateful for GEI's involvement in this event to make Professor Quigley’s visit to campus a possibility.

  • Nimita Iyer '15, Mathematics Major, Neuroscience Concentration
  • Anthony Harb"Working with Spanish cartoonist Miguel Brieva gave me the opportunity to think about the world in which I live in a completely different way."

    • I never realized the power imagination has on promoting consciousness and facilitating social change. Brieva helped me see that, all while being able to work with him one-on-one to create my own piece of art! It was an incredible experience to say the least. Thanks so much to GEI for helping support his visit and events like it.

  • Anthony Harb '15, Spanish Major, Educational Studies Concentration