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Data from Minnesota State and Local Governments

Downloadable Data        Web Services      Data to be Requested


Downloadable Data

  • Minnesota Geographic Data Clearinghouse

    This is a gateway to Minnesota GIS Data.  It provides an overview of Minnesota GIS data and related resources. 

  • MetroGIS DataFinder

    A one-stop-shop for discovering geospatial data pertaining to the seven county Minneapolis-St. Paul area.

    Note that Carleton is licensed for the MetroGIS parcel and street centerline data.  These two datasets have been downloaded and stored at the gisvol M:\GIS\GISdata\USA\States\MN\Metro  We cannot redistribute these data to people outside Carleton College.  Please read data license agreements that can be found in the folders where the datasets reside.


Web Services

  • Dakota County WMS Service URL:


Data to be Requested

Most of the Minnesota state and local governments, e.g. Rice County, Dakota Count, City of Northfield, are willing to provide Carleton College GIS data for teaching and research purposes.  Wei-Hsin Fu (x5733, can help you with the data inquiry, request, and acquisition.