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In 1994, President Clinton signed Executive Order 12906: Coordinating Geographic Data Acquisition And Access: The National Spatial Data Infrastructure.  Since then the Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC) has been coordinating the development of the U.S. National Spatial Data Infrastructure, which includes policies, people, data and technology for facilitating data discovery, evaluation and application by users.

In the National Spatial Data Infrastructure data are categorized into two groups, Framework data, data critical to a wide range of users, and Special-use thematic data.

US Spatial Data Themes and Datasets

As of the writing of this page, 16 data themes are endorsed by FGDC. A National Geospatial Data Asset (NGDA) Dataset is a geospatial dataset designated by the FGDC Committee.  FGDC maintains a page of official list of NGDA datasets in the 16 Themes and the lead federal agencies.

Framework themes are noted in yellow in the following graphic of the NGDA Portfolio.

NGDA_16_Cropped(image source:

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