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ENTS 120 Introduction to Geospatial Analysis (T. Nega)

ARCN 246 Archaeological Methods (A. Knodell)

ENTS 254 Topics in Landscape Ecology (T. Nega)

ECON 395 Advanced Topics in the Economics of Housing (A. Swoboda)

HIST 100 Mapping the World (V. Morse)

HIST 210 The Boston Massacre in 3D (A. Mason)

IDSC 100 Introduction to Data Visualization (A. Swoboda)

IDSC 130 Hacking the Humanities (A. Mason)

MATH 280  Statistical Consulting (L. Chihara)

POSC 268 International Environmental Politics and Policy (T. Myint)

Comprehensive Projects

L. Chihara (Math and Statistics)

A. Knodell (Archaeology)

A. Mason (History)

T. Nega (Environmental Studies)

M. Savina (Geology and Archaeology)

A. Swoboda (Enviromental Studies and Economics)


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