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Spatial Thinking in Social Sciences

  • Center for Spatially Integrated Social Science (CSISS)

    Funded in 1999 with the support from National Science Foundation, CSISS seeks to advance the spatial analytic capabilities of researchers throughout the social sciences and to foster the integration of spatial analysis into social science teaching. Resources on this Web site include summaries and illustrations of major contributions to spatial thinking in the social sciences, literature search engine, course syllabi, video clips of CSISS workshops, spatial analysis software, and more.

  • GIS and Spatial Analysis for the Social Sciences: Coding, Mapping, and Modeling
    Robert Parker and Emily Asencio.  Publisher Routledge (2008).  ISBN-13: 9780415989626.

    "This is the first book to provide sociologists, criminologists, political scientists, and other social scientists with the methodological logic and techniques for doing spatial analysis in their chosen fields of inquiry. The book contains a wealth of examples as to why these techniques are worth doing, over and above conventional statistical techniques using SPSS or other statistical packages."