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Books, Articles, Worksbooks

  • Analyzing Spatial Point Patterns in R

    This is a detailed set of notes for a workshop on Analysing spatial point patterns that has been held several times in Australia and New Zealand in 2006–2008. It covers statistical methods that are currently feasible in practice and available in public domain software.

    The workshop uses the statistical package R and is based on spatstat, an add-on library for R for the analysis of spatial data.

    This workshop requires 'R' version 2.6.0 or later, and the package 'spatstat' version 1.14-5 or later.

Short Courses and Workshops

  • Spatial Econometrics Advanced Institute

    4-week courses on Spatial Statistics, Theoretical Spatial Economics, Spatial Econometrics and Spatial Panel Econometrics. 


Web Sites



The book Geospatial Analysis - A Comprehensive Guide to Principles, Techniques, and Software Tools (read on-line at provides an overview for some of the software on this list (as well as those that are not) and lists software that perform the spatial analysis methods described in the book.

  • ArcGIS Desktop
    • Spatial Statistics Tolbox in ArcToolbox (
      This toolbox in ArcToolbox contains statistical tools for analyzing spatial distributions, patterns, processes, and performing geographically weighted regression.
    • Geostatistical Analyst (
      Spatial data exploration, various spatial interpolation techniques including Kriging, evaluation of prediction uncertainty, and surface creation
  • CrimeStat (hot spot analysis, interpolation, and more)

    A window-based free spatial statistics program for the analysis of crime incident locations.  It is developed by Ned Levine & Associates under the direction of Ned Levine, PhD, as a project funded by the National Institute of Justice.

  • GeoDa (exploratory spatial data analysis (ESDA), visualization, cartogram, basic spatial regression, and more)

    Free software with graphical interface, suitable for introduction to spatial data analysis. This package is developed by Luc Anselin and his students.
  • Matlab spatial econometric toolbox

    An extensive toolbox for spatial econometric analysis in Matlab (Matlab is not free).  Developed by James LeSage with contributions by a number of others.

  • PySAL (spatial statistical methods in general and spatial regression analysis)

    Open-source Python Library for Spatial Analytical Functions.  It is a collaborative effort between Luc Anselin and Sergio Rey to develop a cross-platform library of spatial analysis functions written in Python.  Currently the release date for PySAL is unknown. 

  • R (point pattern analysis, spatial regression, geostatistics and more)

    Open-source, freeware product. Go to the R website ( for more information about R.  Go to the R Spatial Projects page ( for the spatial analysis packages  (e.g. spdep).

  • SAM (exploratory spatial data analysis (ESDA), visualization, surface pattern analysis, spatial regression, logistic regression, and more)

    Spatial Analysis in Macroecology. Free software with graphical user interface, mainly for applications in Surface Pattern Spatial Analysis. SAM is mostly used in the fields of Macroecology and Biogeography, but also in Conservation Biology, Community and Population Ecology, Geography, Geology, Demography, Economy, Psicology and Epidemiology. Developed by Thiago Fernando Rangel, José Alexandre F. Diniz, and Luis Mauricio Bini.

  • Stata spat* routines
    E.g., 'spatreg' developed by Maurizio Pisati for spatial autocorrelation, spatial correlogram, spatial lag and error models, and tests for spatial dependence.  Stata is not free.