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Feb 16

Convocation: Daryl Davis

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Grammy Award winning R&B pianist Daryl Davis relates his story of a Black man’s odyssey into the Ku Klux Klan.

Friday, February 16th, 2018
10:50 – 11:50 am / Skinner Chapel
Daryl Davis Convocation

Grammy Award-winning blues and R&B pianist Daryl Davis took an extraordinary journey into the heart of one of America’s most fanatical institutions. Driven by the need to understand those who, without ever having met him, hate him because of the color of his skin, Davis decided to seek out the roots of racism. Finding that the Klan was entrenched not only in the Deep South but in his own neighborhood, he set out to meet Roger Kelly, Imperial Wizard of the Invincible Empire Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. Through Kelly and others, Davis began to explore the Klan, gaining real insight into its workings and members’ minds. This quest into the heart of ignorance and hatred gave Davis a ray of hope for harmony between races. He believes that after decades of violence and hatred, racism can be overcome as we get to know one another on a social basis, not under a cover of darkness. He has Klan robes and hoods hanging in his closet, given to him by members who have quit the Klan since coming to know him. Davis seeks to empower others to confront their own prejudices and overcome their fears, establishing a common ground to help forge peace with even the most unlikely adversaries. The title of his presentation is “Klan-Destine Relationships.”

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