New Science Facility Project Moving Forward

January 4, 2018

The new integrated science complex will position Carleton to better serve the needs of students and faculty and help to ensure that Carleton maintains its reputation as a leader in the sciences. The project will include removing Mudd Hall, renovating Hulings Hall and Olin Hall, and new construction in the current science courtyard to connect the buildings into one facility.

Mudd Hall was demolished during fall term and construction has begun on the facility. A live webcam and weekly information about the project are available on the Dean of the College website

A major feature of this building is the east energy station, constructed as the sub-basement. New geothermal wells are being drilled around campus.  The Utility Master Plan website has an excellent video that clearly describes how the new system will move toward Carleton’s first interim milestone in its 2011 Climate Action Plan and advance toward its goal of zero emissions by 2050.