Climate Action Week 2018

February 5, 2018
By Caroline Hall

Climate Action Week 2018: Coming Soon!

The Carleton Sustainability Office is gearing up for the annual Climate Action Week, a series of events to educate and engage the community on various sustainability efforts on campus. This year, Climate Action Week will take place from February 17-24 and include a wide variety of events ranging from movie screenings and a walk in the arb to folk singing and phone banking for environmental causes. The week will kick off with a keynote speech by Juan Carlos Galeano, a poet, essayist, filmmaker, and environmental justice activist.

All events will be hosted by the Sustainability Office in collaboration with numerous campus organizations and Northfield groups, including SOPE, CANOE, Food Truth, Carls for the Boundary Waters, Indigenous People’s Alliance, Arbor, the GSC, Cannon River Watershed Partnership, Environmental Alliance, and more. There will also be clothing collection bins at every Climate Action Week event for the GSC’s ongoing transgender clothing swap, a great excuse to clean out your closet and donate your clothes!

In addition to daily events, students, faculty, and staff can also participate in the No Impact Challenge, a tangible way to observe one’s environmental impact. Participants form teams and collect their waste generated throughout the week and compete to be on the team with the lowest average amount of waste. To register for the challenge, sign up in Sayles on February 6-9 from 11am-2pm or contact linke@ or leithere@ for more information.

Hope to see you there!