Weekly Convocation Experience: Fridays at 10:50 a.m. in the Carleton Chapel

January 3, 2019

Carleton’s weekly convocation series is a shared campus experience that brings students, faculty, and staff together for one hour for a lecture or presentation from specialists in a variety of fields. The goal of the series is to stimulate thought and conversation on a wide range of subjects. Convocations are open to the public and free of charge.

The series of weekly convocations for Winter Term 2019 will begin Friday, January 11, including such topics as “Free Speech on Campus,” “Can Government and Religion Build Peace Together?”, “Climate Change and National Security,” “What We Can Do About the Culture of Hate,” “How Ugly Produce Can Help Solve Hunger,” and “Science is Shaped by Wikipedia.”

At mid-term, the February 1 convocation will address the important issue of mental illness. Hakeem Rahim was the first African-American male valedictorian in his high school’s history. He went on to graduate with a BA in psychology from Harvard University, and dual masters degrees. It was while an undergraduate at Harvard that Rahim was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, and in 2012 he began openly sharing his journey with mental illness. Since then he has testified in front of Congress, been featured in USA Today and has shared his journey with over 16,000 college, high school and middle school students. With his story-focused, poetry-infused style, Rahim addresses the misconceptions and stigma in his presentation titled “Let’s Talk About Mental Illness.”

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