Science Facility Construction Update

January 3, 2019

The work happening on the east side of the Carleton campus to create an integrated science facility is moving along smoothly. A weekly construction update is posted each Friday on the Dean of the College website, and there is a live webcam feed that anyone can watch as the building takes shape.

In a recent update, we learned that:

  • The exterior air and vapor barrier has been completed;
  • The penthouse and atrium roofs have just begun to have roofing installed;
  • The crew is working to completely button up the addition before the extreme winter temperatures right around the corner; and
  • Many other electrical, carpentry, mechanical infrastructure, and glass work operations are in full swing.

The campus, and surrounding neighborhoods, can continue to expect heavy multi-axle truck traffic as we continue to move material to and from the project site along Maple Street. There will be large deliveries for the next several weeks until all of the material is brought to the site. Given the small laydown area, there is not adequate room to stage large quantities of material onsite at any given time. This requires all vendors to coordinate “just-in-time” deliveries.

As always, safety is the top priority on this project. The contractor strives to ensure all construction workers and community members passing through the area can do so safely. Please practice “Heads up Commuting” while walking or biking in this area.

The new science facility is expected to be completed in the summer of 2019. Olin renovation will follow and be complete in the summer of 2020.