Carleton to Study Parking Needs, Develop Plan

February 19, 2008

Carleton College has enlisted the aid of Walker Parking Consultants, the largest parking consulting firm in the nation, to formulate a parking plan in order to determine the College’s current and future parking needs for the next decade.

The College expects to receive an analysis report by April 2008 and have a plan developed by the fall of 2008.

The analysis comes in response to a pair of major building projects on the Carleton campus: the new residence hall, located south of the Language and Dining Center and north of First Street, and the Arts Union, which is located in the former Northfield middle school/high school building.

The report plans to review parking demands for the two new facilities and assess current parking options. It will take into account parking for various Carleton events, including athletic events, future arts events in the new Arts Union, and other campus events in the Skinner Memorial Chapel, Concert Hall and other campus venues. The analysis plans to review pedestrian traffic circulation and current parking policies. The study will consider options for reducing parking demand on the campus and surrounding areas, investigating alternative transportation, shuttle service and shared parking agreements.

Walker Parking Consultants will meet with College administrators, College constituents, City of Northfield officials and Northfield community members in formulating its report.