Carleton Sponsors Northfield Students' Interaction with Author Sandra Cisneros

October 20, 2010

Carleton College recently sponsored a group of Northfield middle and high school students and teachers to attend a convocation speech and subsequent luncheon with Sandra  Cisneros, an award-winning author who has achieved international acclaim for her poetry and fiction. The idea of Carleton chaplain Carolyn Fure-Slocum and academic civic engagement coordinator Adrienne Falcón, 22 middle-school students, 13 highs-school students, and seven related staff members joined a handful of Carleton staff, faculty and students to have lunch following the speech and also have Cisneros sign their books. Being able to eat pizza and discuss the book with college students was a wonderful added benefit (for the Northfield students),” said Fure-Slocum. “I do think the discussions got at some critical issues and the students expressed some insightful points. Several students talked about how hearing Cisneros talk has helped them understand The House on Mango Street quite differently and in a deeper way.”