Carleton Facilities Announces Summer Projects

June 1, 2011
By Steven Spehn, Carleton Director of Facilities

Every year, summer is a busy time on the Carleton College campus as we continue our efforts to keep up with the basic maintenance of the buildings and grounds. Our focus remains on issues of basic structural integrity, addressing code and compliance, and improving safety and functionality.

  • Roofs: This year Facilities will continue our campus rotation of attention to aging roofs, gutters, and flashing. Areas of the Library roof leak, and several sections are due for replacement along with one roof section in Olin that will be replaced. The roof on Goodsell will be replaced, including the slate portion that was not repaired after the large hail storm several years back, and the deteriorated metal eaves will be repaired. A portion of the Burton roof causing leaks in the kitchen will be replaced along with the Severance and Burton deck surface, which will be replaced because it leaks into the basement areas.
  • Exterior Walls: The exterior wall repairs on Willis will be finished this summer, with completion of the east wall and remedy of the color on the other walls completed last year. Laird Hall exterior walls will be tuckpointed similar to what was done to Leighton Hall.
  • Windows: We continue to focus on replacing windows that are clearly not functioning and those that contribute to large energy losses. Scheduled for replacement this summer are all of the windows in Watson Hall and selected windows in the Alumni Guest House.
  • Elevators: We have been engaged in a series of upgrades across campus for the past two years and will finish most of the upgrades fall of 2011. Of Carleton’s 27 elevators, 24 require improvements to meet new codes and 15 elevators have been completed. Remaining projects include the second elevator in Watson, Nourse, Willis, Evans, Olin, Concert Hall, and Sayles-Hill. New plans for the Burton and Davis elevators include constructing a link between the two buildings on each floor to install one new elevator that will make both buildings fully accessible, instead of completing code upgrades to the two existing elevators. Construction is scheduled to begin this summer, with completion in late December before winter term begins.
  • Parking and Roads: As a part of several previously completed projects, the College has committed to building a more functional parking lot on the corner of Second and Union where there has been temporary parking without much structure. This lot is also being designed to accommodate overflow evening parking for the Weitz Center. Additionally, this project allows us to improve the aesthetics and pedestrian character of the heart of the campus by removing parking along the Bald Spot in front of Burton and Willis. This will make the Bald Spot even more of a center lawn and recreation space connected to campus by landscaping—rather than parking—while making the area safer for pedestrians. The net effect of this project will be no reduction in daytime parking spaces (any removed spaces will be replaced) and an overall increase in parking to accommodate new uses. Other miscellaneous repairs to roads and sidewalks will occur over the summer as part of ongoing maintenance.
  • Landscaping and Grounds: This summer includes minimal landscaping at the Chapel, mostly on the east and west sides, starting the restoration process now that the exterior building renovation has been completed. Nourse Quad will receive grading changes and soil corrections to help turf conditions, and some modest tree planting. Additional bike racks at the Library will be installed and the Arb tennis courts will be removed this summer.
  • Residence Halls and Houses: Last year Watson Hall was completed, and prior to that Musser received improvements. This summer we will focus on the student rooms in Goodhue with plans to paint, replace carpet, and update window coverings. Worn furniture in the Townhouses will also be updated with new furniture.
  • Athletics: Relocating the women’s softball field from Bell Field to a location next to the men’s baseball field (near the Rec Center) will occur this summer. As a result of damage from the fall of 2010 flood, Laird Stadium first floor will have restoration work completed this summer and the Stadium outdoor track will also be replaced.
  • New Construction: Work on the Weitz Center for Creativity will continue through the summer and the building will open fall term of 2011. Cconstruction of Carleton’s second wind turbine will begin soon. The plan calls for turbine installation starting in June, pending final delivery confirmation from the selected manufacturer.

For more information on these and other projects, see the list of Fiscal Year 2011-2012 Projects listed on the Facilities Web site. If you have any questions about this work, please contact me at (507)222-4167 or by e-mail.