About Creative Strategy

Creative Strategy assists Carleton offices and academic departments with producing communication and marketing materials that support the college’s overall mission and identity. This includes developing messages, writing and editing text, selecting photographs and illustrations, and designing and producing high-quality print and digital materials.

We create effective and imaginative printed pieces and user-friendly websites that represent Carleton to its internal and external audiences. We are part of College Communications, which oversees all Carleton communications efforts, including printed pieces, websites, social media, marketing videos, press releases, and relationships with media outlets.

As communications professionals, we assess the strengths of individual departments and offices to help them develop their own identity within the broader Carleton identity. To achieve unity within College communications across all media, we maintain professional and College-specific style standards for text and design. This does not mean that every piece looks and sounds alike. We bring a fresh approach to each project and deliver results that are appropriate for your intended audience.