Carleton College Colors

The College's official colors are maize and blue. The official shades are derived from Pantone colors, which are specialty inks. These colors can be approximated with CMYK and RGB values, but to get exact maize and blue, you will need to use the Pantone ink colors in your printed publication.

college colors


  • Pantone (PMS) 122
  • CMYK values: C=0, M=14, Y=80, K=0
  • RGB values: R=252, G=212, B=80
  • HEX: F3B61D


  • Pantone (PMS) 280
  • CMYK values: C=100, M=78, Y=5, K=18
  • RGB values: R=0, G=39, B=118
  • HEX: 0B5091