Welcome to Afr/AFAM!

African and African American Studies, or Afr/AFAM, provides a cross-cultural and historically comparative framework to study the rich connections and exchanges among African people, their descendants, and the various "new worlds" in which they have made and are making their lives.

Combining area and ethnic studies, Afr/AFAM examines the cultural, literary, political, social, and intellectual responses to slavery, colonialism, missionization, and racialization throughout Africa and its many diasporas. Through multidisciplinary training, students are encouraged to develop their analytic, research, and literary skills. Doing so, they acquire the intellectual tools to critique and correct the distortions and silences about Africans and their descendants in both academic canons and public discourse.

Interested in the Afr/AFAM concentration or major?  We encourage you to visit with the Director of the African and African-American Studies Program, Pamela Feldman-Savelsberg, to learn more.

Majors are declared in a student's 6th term (usually spring of the sophomore year). Students are required to declare any concentration by the end of their 8th term at Carleton (usually winter of the junior year.)

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