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Ghana summer program in West African Music, Dance, Society, and Culture

October 24, 2012 at 2:08 pm

For the fifth season, the University of Alberta offers a 9 credit  (3 course) summer study abroad program entitled "West African Music, Dance, Society, and Culture", July 4 to August 11, 2013, available for undergraduate or graduate credit.  

This summer program in Ghana comprises social science, humanities, and performance components, all of which run in parallel.  Temporally, the program is divided approximately into thirds:  the first  third at the University of Ghana Legon campus, a second devoted to study-travel throughout Ghana, and the final third to cultural immersion in a small Ewe-speaking village, in Ghana's Volta Region, for fieldwork and intensive music/dance instruction.

While centered on the performing arts, these serve as a window onto the broader culture and history of the region, so the program should be equally valuable to students majoring in subjects across the spectrum of social sciences, arts, and humanities, and beyond.  No experience in music and dance areas is required to succeed, and there are no formal prerequisites of any sort. 

At the undergraduate level, the program is formally equivalent to three University of Alberta courses:  Music 144/244 (West African Music Ensemble), Music 365 (Introduction to Ethnomusicology), and Middle Eastern and African Studies (MEAS) 300.  

You need to meet with a study abroad advisor by March 2 to complete the Summer Abroad Application.

For complete program information or application details, please see or contact Xiao Zhang (, tel: 780 492 6215).