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Julia C. Corrin

Julia C. Corrin ’07

American Studies

University Archivist , Carnegie Mellon University


Briana J. Cain

Briana J. Cain ’09

American Studies, Political Economy

Brand Engagement and Digital Strategy Manager , PowerObjects

Birungi R. Mutebi

Birungi R. Mutebi ’02

American Studies, Media Studies

Insights Marketing Lead, North America , Facebook

Christiane K. Pike

Christiane K. Pike ’84

American Studies


Hannah B. Price

Hannah B. Price ’97

American Studies

Independent Sales Director , Mary Kay Cosmetics


Lilly Athamanah

Lilly Athamanah ’15

American Studies

Communications Specialist , The Joyce Foundation

Education (Higher Ed)

Jennifer P. Blanchard

Jennifer P. Blanchard ’96

American Studies, English

Senior Writer and Assistant to the President , Bates College

John M. Knapp

John M. Knapp ’09

American Studies

Director , Lakeland University

Education (Pre K-12)

R. Ernesto Cruz, III

R. Ernesto Cruz, III ’01

American Studies, Media Studies

Teacher , The Latin School of Chicago

Abigail H. Easton

Abigail H. Easton ’16

American Studies, African/African American Studies, Educational Studies

Education Partnerships , StoryCorps

Wendy Harris

Wendy Harris ’00

American Studies, Latin American Studies, African/African American Studies

Teacher , Metro Deaf School

Laura K. Henry

Laura K. Henry ’13

American Studies

Social Studies Teacher , Minneapolis Public Schools

Ariana B. Kiener

Ariana B. Kiener ’10

American Studies, African/African American Studies, Educational Studies

Strategic Communications Director , EdAllies

Natalie A. Reinhart

Natalie A. Reinhart ’15

Social Studies Education, American Studies

Social Studies Teacher , St. Paul Conservatory for Performing Artists

Ruby A. Sheets

Ruby A. Sheets ’02

American Studies

Bilingual Special Education Teacher , Department of Education


Phoebe L. Chastain

Phoebe L. Chastain ’14

Women's and Gender Studies, American Studies

Maternal & Child Health Volunteer , Peace Corps

Info Systems/Technology/Library

Jesse Alter

Jesse Alter ’03

American Studies, Media Studies

Digital Content and Social Media Manager , Imperial College London

Legal Professions

Kate Zerwas Graham, J.D.

Kate Zerwas Graham, J.D. ’06

American Studies

Associate Attorney , Maser, Amundson, Boggio & Hendricks, PA

Other Careers

Lee A. Bascom, MSW, LCSW, RPT-S

Lee A. Bascom, MSW, LCSW, RPT-S ’86

American Studies

Serena W. Chalaka

Serena W. Chalaka ’17

American Studies

Implementation Analyst , Remind

Vivian Do

Vivian Do ’16

American Studies, Mathematics/Statistics

Myla C. Fay

Myla C. Fay ’11

American Studies

Charles C. Gokey

Charles C. Gokey ’08

American Studies

Sarah Goodman

Sarah Goodman ’15

American Studies

Anna K. Guasco

Anna K. Guasco ’16

American Studies

Thomas J. Hiura

Thomas J. Hiura ’17

American Studies

Pamela A. Johnson

Pamela A. Johnson ’72

American Studies

Consultant , Pamela Johnson Consulting LLC

Leah Karels

Leah Karels ’09

Administrative and Pre-Departure Process Specialist, Off Campus Studies Office

Julie C. Lund

Julie C. Lund ’83

American Studies

Tsongfw Moua

Tsongfw Moua ’10

American Studies, Educational Studies

Victoria R. Ostenso

Victoria R. Ostenso ’15

American Studies

Sarah G. Toce

Sarah G. Toce ’06

American Studies

Associate , Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation

Science/Lab Research

Stacey L. Pelika

Stacey L. Pelika ’96

American Studies, Educational Studies

Director of Research , National Education Association

Social Service/Advocacy

Abigail R. Baum

Abigail R. Baum ’08

American Studies, Educational Studies

Senior Associate, Health Impact Project , The Pew Charitable Trusts