Off-Campus Study Programs

Carleton American Studies Seminar in California "Visions of California"

This Carleton seminar is scheduled to return in Winter Term 2017, led by Prof. Michael Kowalewski. Michael Kowalewski is the McBride Professor of English and Environmental Studies. He teaches a variety of courses in American literature and American Studies at Carleton.

ACM Chicago Arts

Study a broad range of the arts--music, theater, dance, fine arts, creative writing, and related liberal arts--in Chicago, one of the best urban environments in the United States for young artists to discover their voices.

ACM Newberry Seminar in Chicago: Research in the Humanities

Do independent research at Chicago's Newberry Library, one of the world’s leading independent research libraries.  Focusing on the humanities, the library's evolving collections embrace the history and literature of  Western Europe and the Americas. Take advantage of the Newberry's many exhibits, lectures, classes, concerts, and other public programming.

ACM Urban Studies in Chicago

Introduce yourself to the complexities of life and society in Chicago, where you'll examine major sociological and political issues of the day through the personal perspectives of Chicago’s community leaders, politicians, and activists. Intern with a local business or not-for-profit organization.

The Border Studies Program in Tucson

Explore the Mexican-American border through a semester with the Border Studies Program. Through extensive travel and seminars, examine issues related to migration, human rights, globalization, food systems, and the environment. Hear from peers, scholars, farmers, indigenous, migrants and activists in both Mexico and the U.S.

Carleton Political Science Seminar in Washington D.C.

Study and intern in the nation's capital with Carleton faculty and students.

HECUA City Arts in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Immerse yourself in communities using art and culture to achieve social change. Intern with an organization like Minnesota Center for Book Arts or Minnesota Citizens for the Arts.

HECUA Metro Urban Studies in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Delve into the major challenges of our time: poverty, inequality and social change, with the increasingly diverse Twin Cities as your backdrop. The Metro Urban Studies program includes an internship with a Twin Cities organization. Interns work in such fields as community organizing, city planning, and school reform.

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