Studying in the Arab World

A majority of Arabic students at Carleton choose after their second year to continue their Arabic studies in the Arabic-speaking world, for one term or longer. In recent years students have attended programs in Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Oman, and Egypt. Studying abroad has given them a chance to put their language skills to the test, and to form a deep and abiding connection to the cultures and peoples across the region.

  • Owen Solis '17 at al-Aqsa Mosque

  • Reilly Simon '16 in Jordan

  • Zayn Saifullah '17 & Owen Solis '17 in Petra, Jordan

  • Seth Harris '18 and Gray Babbs '18 in Oman

  • Nick Lorenz, '17 at a mosque in Fes, Morocco

  • Elizabeth O'connor '17, in Lebanon

  • Grace Babbs '18 in Oman

  • Owen Solis '17, Geeza, Egypt

  • Photo by Elizabeth O'Connor '17 of the ancient port of Byblos, in Lebanon.

  • Mika Chmielewski '17 (left) posing with a friend during her study abroad in Rabat, Morocco

  • Taylor Gee '16 on top of Mt. Toubkal, the highest point in North Africa

  • William Decourt ('18) Dunes of Merzouga, Morocco

  • William Decourt ('18). Madrasa Bou Inania, Fez, Morocco

  • Gabriel Ferreira Friedrich ('20) in Jordan

  • Ana Knighten '20 at Wadi Rum, Jordan

  • Tristan Pitt, '19 in Beirut